Comparing online personal credits – Personal credit with immediate approval’s personal credit

The personal credit by Cash-Swiss is the ideal way to obtain a fast and economical personal credit. We can provide credits for individuals in the form of auto credit, immediate credit, instalment credit or cash credit. In fact, each credit holder has his wants and needs

that a cash credit can fulfil or meet. In order to minimize the associated costs to the customer it is obviously very important to get the lowest interest rates possible. We can also offer credit consolidation. If the applicant has a positive solvency approval will be immediate in just a few minutes.


Comparing personal credits before submitting your request

To clarify any questions or problems, you should first of all compare personal credits available on the Internet. As a broker, Cash-Swiss offers this service on its home page. Using a credit calculator, we can calculate and compare different types of credit. Thus, the credit holder will be aware of the value of the foreseen interests and the number instalments that best suit his/her needs. The lending of money by private providers of credit thus becomes extremely simple. As for  instalments, you can select a term between 12 and 72 months, thereby determining the amount of the monthly instalments. The best advantage of this platform is that Swiss banks are also included. Here, lending money takes only a few minutes. Therefore, in any situation, it is always worth comparing personal credits.


Benefits of’s personal credit

You can request values from 3,000 to 250,000 CHF or EUR. A personal loan will be granted with an effective interest rate starting at 6.9%. And if you happen to receive an extra amount of cash, you can also pay off the credit early. In the case of an immediate personal credit, money can be released within 24 hours. In case of credit consolidation, all previous old debts are gathered and settled through a new payment scheme with a lower instalment.


Comparing personal credit providers

You will hardly find a more economical personal credit with the majority of personal providers. Even when they advertise the many advantages of private banks, in fact they are unable to match this offer, since there is no possibility of comparison with other banks. The private financial institutions have additionally the problem of not always being sufficiently objective nor being able to submit unbinding proposals, since most of them have a family relationship or friendship with the credit holder. Another big advantage is that personal credit allows you to dispense with the lengthy negotiations with the bank, so you can fulfil your desires without hurdles. You can request a proposal for free and without obligation and then carefully decide whether to proceed or not. A personal credit by Cash Swiss is always a good choice.


Summary of personal credits:

  • Benefits of the personal credit providers
  • Personal credit with immediate approval
  • Free personal credit proposal


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