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Cash credit from Cash Swiss, with plenty of benefits. There are times in life when everything happens at the same time. When a house appliance fails, soon after another one follows, in a dramatic sequence, making it necessary for you to buy new appliances. And if you have just spent your last resources

on a new car, a good help is, in fact, as good as gold.

An excellent opportunity for rebalancing your budget is to apply for a cash credit from the online bank Cash Swiss. Just visit the webpage and you can select the most adequate solution for your situation from a wide range of options. Immediate credit, personal credit, urgent credit or cash credit – regardless of your choice, Cash-Swiss allows you to easily and swiftly apply online for any type of credit.

Swift cash payment from our banks

In the case of cash credit, immediately after your request and subsequent authorization, our immediate approval will streamline the application process allowing the swift sending of the amount requested, which will be delivered by mail. Cash credit is particularly convenient in cases when you do not wish to go to your regular bank and you do not wish them to know you were granted a credit. Everything remains confidential and no one will have knowledge of your request. Considering the interest rates, if compared directly, it is almost similar to choosing a personal credit, an immediate credit or an urgent credit. With Cash Swiss, you can apply for a credit using the same online form and, in the case of personal credit, our interest rate is as economical as that of immediate or cash credit.

Cash credit payment

In what concerns cash credit, some people opt for buying new appliances or other equipment privately and so they prefer to pay in cash. As such, it is of great advantage to receive your money directly by mail, without the need to go to an ATM or to the bank. And in addition you get that good feeling of having all that money in your hand, creating a very real relation with the true value of money.

It is in fact a great advantage to request an online credit with Cash Swiss. It does not matter if you will use the cash to pay for something you purchased or if it just the way you prefer to receive your money. What really matters is to know that with Cash Swiss you have the possibility of requesting your credit in a convenient, safe, serious and, if so wished, anonymous manner.


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