Request a credit and receive immediately in cash, with Cash Swiss

Make your dreams come true with an immediate credit

This way, it is really easy to request a credit! There are plenty of good reasons for requesting a credit. One of the most sought after financing purposes is the purchase of a new car. A lot of people depend on their car and prefer a swift handling of their process

and, if possible, an immediate approval. And Cash Swiss can provide that. The swift handling of the credit request occurs on a regular basis with Cash Swiss and, in case a positive solvability is established, the client will receive his/her approval in just 30 minutes. In addition, the client can use the cash credit for finally enjoying some well-deserved vacation, buying a new kitchen, finally buying a new house or simple finding a financial solution for having some extra cash. There are plenty of reasons for requesting a credit and obtaining additional funds and obviously, such reasons are quite personal. However, Cash Swiss not only provides a swift handling of the credit request but also proposes economical credits and loans, with very low active interest rates and annual effective interest rates.



Just apply online for the credit you want and receive you money in no time

You can apply directly for an online credit with immediate approval in Switzerland through Cash Swiss. After your personal data have been entered, these will be verified, for free and without any commitment, and in come cases the requested credit can be released in just 24 hours after immediate approval by Cash Swiss! The annual effective interest rate, already very reduced, can be even lower if the credit holder opts for a shorter repayment period. And you can also benefit from the economical credit offers by Cash Swiss for repaying your current credits with other banks, usually with a higher active interest rate. Many people wonder if they should apply for a new credit. The online credit request does not involve any commitment and is totally free.


A credit with plenty of advantages

Many credit holders are suspicious of online credit because online banks often fail to have people available for clarifying any questions on financing and/or credit request – but that is not the case with Cash Swiss! Here, clients can count on competent representatives and a first-class customer support service, both for Germany and Switzerland. Whether you intend to request a new credit or a loan or you just need some additional cash, Cash Swiss proposes a release of funds with appealing conditions and variable durations which allow amortization at any time!


... Make your dreams come true!