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  • TOP Kredite ab 6,9 % bei cash-swiss.ch

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    TOP Kredite ab 6,9 % bei Cash Swiss

    Our advisers speak :
    German, English, Spanish and Portuguese!
    Bei cash-swiss.ch erhalten Sie Kredite Kredite ab einem Zinssatz von 6,9 % p.a. Auch in schwierigen Fällen finden wir für Sie oft die passende Lösung.



  • Free and unbinding assessment
  • Amounts between 3,000 and 250,000 CHF/EUR
  • Credit decision in just 30 minutes
  • Discrete handling
  • Annual effective interest rate from 6.9%
  • Flexible instalments – adapted to your budget
  • Immediate amortization at any time
  • Regular comparison with top conditions

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Maike A. (31) Zurich:

“I had never seen such swift handling! cash-swiss.ch really keeps up its promise. Phone and email contact are very nice. All in all, a fantastic provider!”


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Economical credit with Cash Swiss

Sometimes, we need a credit. And it is obviously important to find the right conditions, i.e., interest rates must be low and overall costs must be within certain limits. In what concerns costs, handling fees are precisely those that can make a loan substantially more expensive, regardless of its nature.

With a Cash Swiss credit, you will find your ideal banking partner online

Whether it is an auto credit, an immediate credit, an instalment credit or a personal credit, Cash Swiss offers all types of credit, with extremely economical and fair conditions. Cash Swiss also provides the possibility of credit consolidation. However, this online service provider also needs proper solvency. Without a proper solvency, as it happens with any other bank or credit provider, it will be really difficult to get a loan. But if the necessary individual conditions are met for ensuring proper solvency, all you have to do is complete and submit the online credit form and in just a few minutes you will receive immediate approval.

Save interests with credit consolidation

Additionally, when you have different credits with several banks, you can also gather all those credits with your online banking partner. Nowadays, when interest rates are lower, it is wise to convert high interest rates and pay a single instalment regarding your debts, therefore having a lower interest rate.

Direct online comparison between credits

With Cash-Swiss you can also get an online comparison between credits. Within a very short period of time, using the credit calculator from the bank broker platform, the credit applicant can also compare online the different credit offers. And that makes all the difference in terms of transparency of the credit offers.

You can also opt for credit terms ranging between 12 and 72 months so each person can choose the instalment value, in a simple manner, by selecting the corresponding term.

Online credits with an extremely economical effective interest rate

Financing for a new car, a new decoration for your home or even the consolidation for existing credits are also really easy with the online provider Cash-Swiss, thanks to a particularly economical annual effective interest rate. The annual effective interest rate reflects the costs and charges included in the calculated credit. And as Cash-Swiss allows comparing online different credit providers, it is very clear that the Swiss credit provider is right at the top of the competition